Kitchen Cabinets – A Guide For the Do-It-Yourself-Homeowner

Kitchens are an important part of any home. They have become an increasingly popular design feature in homes all over the world. They offer a place to cook food, prepare it, store it, and eat. Homeowners use kitchens for many reasons and this has increased their usage. Kitchens are used for more than simply cooking though.

Kitchens are usually built-in-furniture placed in all kitchens for extra storage of cooking supplies, food, and even cooking plates and silverware for entertaining. Other appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and other appliances are commonly integrated into kitchen cabinets. For most kitchens, however, the main area that the cabinets will be placed in the center counter of the kitchen. A kitchen cabinet can be made of metal, wood, or tile.

Materials used in kitchen cabinets range from glass, metal, to wood and tile. Glass and metal are commonly found in the glass form. The type of material used in a cabinet is based on what the homeowner requires. You may want the cabinet built with a frame made of glass or you may choose to go with a completely frameless unit. The glass cabinet frames come in either fold or sliding varieties.

Shape Kitchens now come in every shape and size imaginable. Whether you need stock cabinets or semi-custom cabinets, you will find them available at your local dealer. You can also find them on the Internet. Online dealers purchase their stock directly from manufacturers and pass on the savings to customers. This means you can buy kitchen cabinets online at prices you can afford.

Touch Ups Buying kitchen cabinets with no matching doors or pulls may require some touch-ups. The type of touch-up you will do will depend on the finish of the cabinets. If you have retained the hardware from the unfinished cabinets you can sand the doors and pulls to match the finish on the cabinets. To get a professional finish, you will also have to replace the hardware on the doors. You will find that when you install custom cabinet doors and pulls, it gives the cabinets a more finished look and makes them appear to be placed in the room for which they were designed.

Base Cabinets are not considered part of the kitchen unless they are installed into a wall. Many people opt for a custom cabinet base because it allows them to choose the style, color, and depth of the cupboards. You can create cupboard sets that follow the decor of the room. Many people choose standard cabinet inserts that include three to five drawers. Other families go even further and install standard wall cabinets with two to three drawers.

Lower Cabinet Another feature of cabinet hardware is the selection of the finish. You can choose from unfinished wood, polished wood, laminate, solid, or veneer. If you want to create a wooden look, you can choose a laminate finish to give your kitchen cabinets an antique finish. If you desire to install custom cabinets that have the same cabinet door as your wall cabinets, you can opt for a solid wood base. You may also choose one of several finishes to customize your kitchen: unfinished hardwood, pre-finished hardwood, or painted wood.

Drawers With no under-mount or semi-mount drawers, base cabinets have no place for the extras. But it doesn’t mean they are without function. In fact, your kitchen will benefit from its placement by having extra space for food storage. This extra space will allow you to store items such as flour, sugar, cereals, and tea in the pantry instead of placing them in the drawers of the wall cabinets. Some people call professionals to install a wine rack to bring additional storage to their kitchen.